Another rainy day here. It seems as if it has been wet and cold all Spring.

All my travel plans seem a bit out of place. The trouble with retirement, at least for me, has been setting priorities. Work kept me from doing a ton of things I would have liked to do. Now the fact that it was a ton becomes apparent. Travel was on the list for sure, but so was reading, exercise, working on postponed research, practicing guitar, writing songs, learning to record music, visiting my old friends in Madison, making new friends in Chicago, international volunteer work, and probably a few other things I’m not thinking of at the moment. The time that’s opened up for me is not enough to cover all that.

Retirement should allow you to be lazy, and don’t worry, I’ve learned that skill pretty well. But I am also haunted by the realization that time is short. So there. What can I do? Is it wise to add all these upcoming trips to the mix? No real answer there. I’m just doing it.

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