On Wednesday, I drove the final leg to see my friends Dave and Lynn in Moscow. I took the alternate route through Lolo Pass, which was fun.

Clearwater River was choked with rain and runoff, and pouring down the steep slope over a rocky bottom and occasional wild rapids. A few people were rafting despite the light rain. I had plenty of time, so I enjoyed the winding drive down from the mountains.

I spent the next couple of days mostly hanging around at Dave and Lynn’s house. They are also retired so it wasn’t hard for them to work me into their routine. One day we went just across the state line to Pullman and had dinner there by the Washington State campus. Nice brew-pub type place, and nice to get out and have conversation.

Dave and I took a walk up a nearby hill.

We had a nice view across the palouse, which is the word for the rolling hills that spread out over a good portion of northern Idaho and eastern Washington. They are formed of sediment from a glacial lake that became large dunes and are now good land for farming wheat and lentils.

Dave does woodworking and has started a project to build a guitar for me. I saw a version he had that was a little farther along than mine. He made it with a beautiful redwood top, and a nicely patterned rosette. Just as impressive was the inlay, which featured mother of pearl feathers on the fretboard and a nuthatch with light and dark inlay for the headstock. I’m really looking forward to seeing how mine turns out.

I have always been clumsy about keeping up with friends. I am always worried about my tendency to keep to myself and get caught up in my own world. Do people get offended? Do I have it in me to do the little things that you need to do to keep up friendships? I don’t know. I’m just happy this visit went well, and maybe I’ll start to get better at this.

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